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TOPT is a software module for parametric optimization based on simulation results. TOPT works best inside the simulation environment TCAE. TCAE consists of modules TCAD, TMESH, TCFD, TFEA, and TOPT.

  • Parametric Optimization
  • Fully Automated
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • DOE - Design Of Experiment
  • Inbuilt optimization
  • External optimization
TOPT enables solving a wide range of optimization tasks. Based on the simulation results (optimization function), TOPT can optimize parameters for model shapes, flow velocity, various boundary conditions, or any other model parameters or simulation setup. The optimization function can be based, for example, on the model efficiency, material stress, best RPM, flow coefficients, or on any other simulation results.

Example 1: Shape optimization

TOPT can be connected with the CAD geometry builder and run it with different sets of parameters, depending on the simulation results. TOPT can run several simulations - Runs - and find the best fit according to the optimization function. The following animation shows a simple example of a curved pipe in which three parameters (pipe diameters) change to find the final pipe shape with the lowest possible pressure drop.

TOPT parametric pipe animation

Example 2: Finding best parameters

TOPT can find the highest value of the optimization function. In this example, the optimization function is the lift coefficient of an Airfoil NACA 2412. The main parameter is the angle of attack. TOPT runs an optimization loop to find the highest lift coefficient depending on the flow angle of attack.

TOPT parametric pipe animation

TOPT work scheme

TOPT is used inside the simulation environment TCAE. The TOPT running mode can be either "DOE" (Design Of Experiment) or "optimize". Mode DOE can be either explicit or implicit. Mode optimize can be either external or built-in. TOPT running loop can easily include external software for CAD model creation, or for parametric space transformation, or optimization. All the external software pieces can be added to the TOPT work scheme. TOPT is flexible enough to work with in-house codes, commercial codes, and open-source. The following scheme shows how TOPT works.
TOPT workflow diagram

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