Petrol Tank Vapours Study

Study on filling petrol tank and propagation of petrol vapours

In the beginning of this project, there was the requirement of car fuel system designer. There existed a suspicion the petrol vapours have a negative impact on the process of refueling the tank. The other goal of the project was to investigate the vapours concentration all over the tank model to have a general knowledge of vapors magnitude.

The following visualization shows developed model behavior on the simplified tank geometry:

CFD gif animation of filling petrol tank including petrol vapours

We have prepared complete case study including new OpenFOAM® solver and boundary conditions. The new OpenFOAM® solver is based on interFoam which uses Volume of Fluid method (VOF). The vaporization model was implemented into the new solver.

The animation above shows simplified case, where two boxes are connected with two pipes. The top box is filled with petrol and the bottom box is empty. In time 0.0s the petrol column in the top box is released and naturally flows down to the bottom box. There are two color scales presented. First one is for petrol concentration, the other one is for vapours concentration.

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