OpenFOAM for Windows user groups

The OpenFOAM for Windows project has many users all around the globe.
And the number of users is growing quickly.

This is why we have created special user groups at two big social media:
LinkedIn and Facebook

These user groups are open. They were created to enable a discussion among the OF4Win users. 

Here, we can exchange our experiences with this project.
Here, we can ask other users.

Here, we can share our successes and also drawbacks. 

The important project news and updates will be announced in these groups. 

These user groups are your space.
So, welcome and feel free to contribute! 

New OpenFOAM® Trainings

OpenFOAM® trainings delivered by CFD Support are updated. The User and Advanced OpenFOAM® trainings will be updated and completed by one day Turbulence workshop. Turbulence workshop is a training on turbulence CFD methods, performed in OpenFOAM®. 

It is possible to take either the attendance training (nearest term in October in Prague), or  the distance training to learn OpenFOAM from your sweet home.

The updated OpenFOAM® trainings are available both for Linux and Windows OS. 

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